Los Angeles Rams Schedule 2023

The release of the 2023 NFL schedule has stirred up excitement among Los Angeles Rams fans. Despite a challenging 2022 season, optimism remains high as the team hopes to bounce back with a solid performance this season. With significant changes in the roster and new faces emerging, the Rams’ 2023 season is shaping up to be one of their most fascinating in recent years.

Los Angeles Rams Schedule 2023

WeekDateOpponentTime (EST)TV Channel
1Sunday, September 10at Seattle Seahawks4:25 pmFOX
2Sunday, September 17San Francisco 49ers4:05 pmFOX
3Monday, September 25at Cincinnati Bengals8:15 pmESPN
4Sunday, October 1at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.FOX
5Sunday, October 8Philadelphia Eagles4:05 p.m.FOX
6Sunday, October 15Arizona Cardinals4:25 p.m.FOX
7Sunday, October 22Pittsburgh Steelers4:05 p.m.FOX
8Sunday, October 29at Dallas Cowboys1 p.m.FOX
9Sunday, November 5at Green Bay Packers1 p.m.FOX
11Sunday, November 19Seattle Seahawks4:25 p.m.CBS
12Sunday, November 26at Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m.FOX
13Sunday, December 3Cleveland Browns4:25 p.m.FOX
14Sunday, December 10at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.FOX
15Sunday, December 17Washington Commanders4:05 p.m.CBS
16Thursday, December 21New Orleans Saints8:15 p.m.Prime Video
17Sunday, December 31at New York Giants1 p.m.FOX
18TBDat San Francisco 49ersTBDTBD

Offseason Developments

The offseason has been a time of growth for the Rams, with a significant focus on their defense. After a somewhat turbulent 2022, the team is looking to rely on a younger, fresher defensive line-up, which although inexperienced, brings a lot of promise. On offense, there’s the reliable presence of Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Van Jefferson, although concerns around age and fitness persist. The team’s coaching staff, led by Sean McVay, has been working tirelessly to ensure a more balanced offensive strategy, which could be key to the Rams’ success in the upcoming season.

Analysis of the Season

The Rams’ 2023 schedule appears challenging, with several games that will test their mettle. The season opener against the Seahawks in an away game is an uphill battle, considering Seattle’s home ground advantage and consistent performance. Nevertheless, the Rams’ potential in turning things around cannot be underestimated. Key games such as against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 5 and Indianapolis Colts in Week 4 will serve as a litmus test for the Rams’ capability in tackling the league’s best.

A tough stretch from Weeks 1 to 18 indicates the grueling journey the Rams need to undertake. However, a Week 10 bye gives the team a chance to regroup and reassess their strategies. Crucial matches against San Francisco 49ers in Weeks 2 and 18 will significantly impact the team’s standing in the NFC West.

Strength of Schedule

The Rams’ 2023 schedule isn’t for the faint of heart. High-profile clashes with the Seahawks, Eagles, Steelers, and 49ers are scattered throughout the season, each providing a formidable challenge. The team’s defensive resilience and offensive efficiency will be put to the test, especially considering their youthful defense and the looming question of Stafford’s health and performance consistency.

Key Matchups

Key matchups to watch out for include the season opener against the Seahawks, the Week 5 showdown against the Eagles, and the two games against the 49ers. Here are the Key Matchups to look forward to.

Rams vs. Seahawks (Week 1 & Week 11)

The inaugural game of the season for the Rams is against their divisional rivals, the Seahawks. This clash promises to be an electrifying opener as both teams aim to commence their campaigns on a high note. Despite the Seahawks’ recent fluctuations, they remain a resilient and tenacious team. For the Rams to prevail, they will need to control the game’s tempo early, neutralize the Seahawks’ offense, and curb the excitement of the notoriously loud Seahawks’ crowd.

Rams vs. 49ers (Week 2 & Week 18)

In Weeks 2 and 18, the Rams face the 49ers in home-and-away matches, marking their first and last divisional games of the season. The 49ers, with their robust defensive capabilities and balanced offensive scheme, are daunting rivals. The Rams’ defense will be tested, and their offensive unit, led by Matthew Stafford, will need to rise to the occasion to notch a victory in these key matchups.

Rams vs. Colts (Week 4)

A high-profile faceoff awaits the Rams in Week 4 as they square off with the Colts. The Colts, led by their impressive rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson, are a rising force in the NFL. The Rams will need to bring their top game to neutralize the Colts’ potent offense and potentially volatile passing game. This game will serve as an assessment of the Rams’ defensive prowess and their capacity to contain dynamic offenses.

Rams vs. Eagles (Week 5)

The Rams’ encounter with the Eagles in Week 5 is potentially one of the most anticipated games of their season. Tackling the Eagles, led by the dynamic Jalen Hurts, poses a considerable challenge for any team. The Rams, with their rookie-heavy defense, will have their mettle tested in this crucial matchup against a multiple, well-coached Eagles offense.

Rams vs. Steelers (Week 7)

The Rams face a challenging task ahead in Week 7 when they go up against the Steelers. The Steelers have demonstrated their robustness on both sides of the ball, boasting a balanced offense and a sturdy defense. The Rams, coming off a rigorous game against the Cardinals, will need to maintain their energy levels and keep their momentum going to secure a possible win.

Rams vs. Packers (Week 9)

Week 9 sees the Rams meet the Packers in what promises to be a thrilling encounter. This game is critical as it comes just before the Rams’ bye week and could set the tone for the remainder of the season. The Packers, known for their solid offense led by Jordan Love, will push the Rams to their limits, testing their young defense’s resilience and adaptability.

Rams vs. Cardinals (Week 6 & Week 12)

The Rams face off against their divisional rivals, the Cardinals, twice this season. These games will significantly influence the NFC West standings and could be pivotal in determining playoff positions. The Cardinals, with their mobile quarterback and robust defense, pose a recurring threat. These matchups will test the Rams’ grit and their ability to perform under the pressure of high-stakes games.

Predicted Season Outcome

Predicting the Rams’ 2023 season outcome is a daunting task, given their roster turnover and the events of the previous season. However, considering all factors, a 7-10 record seems a plausible expectation. If Stafford and Kupp remain healthy and the team maintains a balanced offensive attack, the Rams could surprise with seven or eight wins. A third-place finish in the NFC West seems likely, considering the strength of the 49ers and Seahawks.


The 2023 season for the Los Angeles Rams presents a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities. With a tough schedule and a young defense, the team has its work cut out for them. However, under the leadership of Coach McVay and with the experience of key players like Stafford and Kupp, the Rams are expected to put up a solid fight. While the season may bring its share of ups and downs, it’s certain to be an exciting journey for Rams’ fans.


When is the first game of the Los Angeles Rams’ 2023 season?

The first game of the season is on Sunday, September 10, 2023 against the Seattle Seahawks.

When is the Los Angeles Rams’ bye week in 2023?

The Rams’ bye week is Week 10 of the 2023 season.

Who are the Rams playing after their bye week in 2023?

After their bye week, the Rams are playing the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 19, 2023.

What time is the Rams game on Sunday, October 1, 2023?

The game on Sunday, October 1, 2023, against the Indianapolis Colts starts at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

On what channel can I watch the Rams’ game on Sunday, October 15, 2023?

The game on Sunday, October 15, 2023, against the Arizona Cardinals will be broadcasted on FOX.

Are there any Thursday night games on the Rams’ 2023 schedule?

Yes, the Rams have a Thursday night game on December 21, 2023, against the New Orleans Saints. The game starts at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and will be streamed on Prime Video.

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