NBA League Pass Review: How to get a free trial

The NBA League Pass is an essential subscription service for basketball enthusiasts around the world. It offers a comprehensive and flexible platform for streaming live games, catching up on highlights, and staying updated on everything related to the NBA. This article will delve into the features, plans, and pricing of NBA League Pass, providing valuable insights for both new and existing users.

What is NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is a subscription-based service that allows basketball fans to watch live NBA games throughout the season. It includes regular-season games, playoffs, and the NBA Finals, with additional coverage for the All-Star Weekend and other special events. The service provides several features to enhance the viewing experience, such as alternate camera angles, in-language streams, and customized broadcasts.

NBA League Pass Features

  • Live and On-Demand Games: Subscribers can watch live NBA games, as well as access a library of on-demand content, including full-game replays and condensed versions of each match.
  • NBA TV: This 24/7 channel offers a mix of live games, studio shows, classic matches, and documentaries, providing round-the-clock basketball coverage.
  • In-Language Streams: NBA League Pass caters to a global audience with in-language commentary for select games in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Mandarin.
  • Alternate Streams: Subscribers can enjoy alternative broadcasts, such as NBA Strategy Stream, which focuses on in-depth analysis and X’s and O’s, and HooperVision, which infuses pop culture elements into the game commentary.
  • Customizable Broadcasts: Fans can choose between home and away team broadcasts, allowing them to enjoy the game with their preferred announcers and graphics.
  • Multiview: NBA League Pass Premium subscribers can watch up to four games simultaneously on a single screen, ensuring they don’t miss any crucial moments from their favorite matchups.

NBA League Pass Plans and Pricing

PassDescriptionPrice per MonthPrice per Season
NBA League PassStreaming of all matches on 1 device$14.99$49.99
NBA League Pass PremiumStreaming of all matches on 2 devices, no advertising$19.99$64.99
NBA Team PassAll matches of your favorite team$13.99$89.99

NBA League Pass offers three main subscription plans to cater to different user preferences:

  • NBA League Pass: Priced at $14.99 per month or $49.99 per season, this plan provides access to hundreds of live games on one device, including NBA TV coverage. However, subscribers will need to watch games with commercials.
  • NBA League Pass Premium: For $19.99 per month or $64.99 per season, this plan offers commercial-free streaming on two devices simultaneously, in addition to all the features available in the standard NBA League Pass.
  • NBA Team Pass: For fans who prefer to follow a single team, the Team Pass offers all matches of their chosen team for $13.99 per month or $89.99 per season. This plan includes access to live radio broadcasts but excludes NBA TV coverage.

NBA League Pass Free Trial

NBA League Pass offers a free trial to new users, allowing them to explore and enjoy the features of the subscription service without any upfront cost. The free trial usually lasts for 7 days, giving users access to live and on-demand games, NBA TV coverage, and other exclusive features.

To start your free trial, visit the NBA League Pass website and choose the plan you’d like to try out. Click the “Try Free” button and create an NBA account or sign in if you already have one. You will need to enter your payment information to activate the trial, but you won’t be charged until the trial period ends.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to continue with the subscription after the trial, you’ll need to cancel before the 7-day period ends to avoid being charged for the chosen plan. If you enjoy the NBA League Pass experience and decide to continue with the subscription, you will be billed automatically at the end of the trial period.

How to Cancel NBA League Pass

Canceling your NBA League Pass subscription is a simple process. Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

  1. Visit the NBA League Pass website: Go to and sign in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Access your account settings: After signing in, click on your profile icon located in the upper-right corner of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Account.”
  3. Manage your subscriptions: In your account settings, you will see a “Subscriptions” tab. Click on it to see the details of your active subscriptions.
  4. Cancel your subscription: Locate the NBA League Pass subscription you wish to cancel and click on the “Cancel Subscription” link or button. You may be asked to provide a reason for canceling your subscription.
  5. Confirm the cancellation: Follow any additional prompts to confirm the cancellation of your NBA League Pass subscription. Once the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note that canceling your subscription will stop any future billings, but you will still have access to NBA League Pass content until the end of your current billing cycle. Refunds for partially used subscription periods are typically not provided, so it’s essential to cancel your subscription before the start of the next billing cycle to avoid additional charges.


NBA League Pass is a must-have for basketball fans who want to stay connected to the game throughout the season. With multiple plans, exclusive features, and extensive coverage, it provides an unparalleled experience for die-hard NBA enthusiasts. Whether you are following your favorite team, keeping up with the league’s biggest stars, or simply exploring the sport, NBA League Pass has got you covered.


What devices are compatible with NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. The NBA app is available for iOS, Android, and several TV platforms.

Are there blackouts on NBA League Pass?

Yes, blackouts may apply to certain games based on your location. Local and nationally broadcast games may not be available live on NBA League Pass, but they will be accessible after a designated period (3 hours for nationally broadcast games and 3 days for locally broadcast games).

Can I watch NBA League Pass outside of the United States?

Yes, NBA League Pass is available for international fans. However, the content and pricing may vary depending on your location. Visit the NBA League Pass website specific to your region for more information.

Can I share my NBA League Pass account with others?

Account sharing is discouraged, and simultaneous streaming is limited based on your subscription plan. The standard NBA League Pass allows streaming on one device at a time, while the NBA League Pass Premium allows streaming on two devices simultaneously.

How can I watch games in other languages?

NBA League Pass offers in-language streaming for select games, allowing you to watch the games with commentary in languages other than English. The availability of in-language streams may vary depending on the game and your location.

Can I watch classic games and other content on NBA League Pass?

Yes, NBA League Pass subscribers can access classic games and other content from the NBA archives. In addition, subscribers get access to NBA TV studio shows and live games.

How do I upgrade from NBA League Pass to NBA League Pass Premium?

To upgrade your subscription, log in to your NBA account, go to the “Subscriptions” tab, and select the upgrade option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process.

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