New England Patriots schedule 2023

The New England Patriots enter the 2023 season with a sense of urgency and renewed hope. Since Tom Brady’s departure, the franchise has experienced an unprecedented period of inconsistency, missing the playoffs in two out of three seasons. However, with key offseason developments and a promising collection of talent, the Patriots will aim to return to their winning ways. The season will be a crucial one for the franchise, with a challenging schedule and several key matchups that will test the Patriots’ mettle.

New England Patriots’ 2023 Opponents

The Patriots’ 2023 schedule features a mix of familiar rivals and formidable opponents. With a total of nine games against 2022 playoff teams, including matchups against the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and the runner-up Philadelphia Eagles, the Patriots will need to step up their game to make a statement in a crowded AFC.

In addition to their standard divisional matchups against the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets, the Patriots face a challenging mix of teams from the NFC East, AFC West, AFC South, AFC North, and NFC South. Here’s the official NFL schedule 2023 for Patriots.

New England Patriots schedule 2023

1Sep 10, 2023vs Philadelphia Eagles4:25 PMCBSGillette Stadium
2Sep 17, 2023vs Miami Dolphins8:20 PMNBCGillette Stadium
3Sep 24, 2023@ New York Jets1:00 PMCBSMetLife Stadium
4Oct 1, 2023@ Dallas Cowboys4:25 PMFOXAT&T Stadium
5Oct 8, 2023vs New Orleans Saints1:00 PMCBSGillette Stadium
6Oct 15, 2023@ Las Vegas Raiders4:05 PMCBSAllegiant Stadium
7Oct 22, 2023vs Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBSGillette Stadium
8Oct 29, 2023@ Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBSHard Rock Stadium
9Nov 5, 2023vs Washington Commanders1:00 PMFOXGillette Stadium
10Nov 12, 2023vs Indianapolis Colts9:30 AMNFLNDeutsche Bank Park
12Nov 26, 2023@ New York Giants1:00 PMFOXMetLife Stadium
13Dec 3, 2023vs Los Angeles Chargers1:00 PMCBSGillette Stadium
14Dec 7, 2023@ Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 PMAMZNAcrisure Stadium
15Dec 18, 2023vs Kansas City Chiefs8:15 PMESPNGillette Stadium
16Dec 24, 2023@ Denver Broncos8:15 PMNFLNEmpower Field at Mile High
17Dec 31, 2023@ Buffalo Bills1:00 PMHighmark Stadium
18Jan 7, 2024vs New York JetsTBDGillette Stadium

Offseason Developments

The 2023 offseason saw the Patriots focusing on rejuvenating the offensive side of the ball. A disappointing 2022 season marked by offensive struggles led to an overhaul of the coaching staff and player roster. Bill O’Brien was brought in to steer the offensive side, and the club added high-potential players such as wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mike Gesicki to the team. Additionally, they have introduced young blood on the defense with the acquisition of first-round pick Christian Gonzalez.

Analysis of the Season

The 2023 season will be crucial for the New England Patriots as they aim to recalibrate their trajectory post-Tom Brady. A significant determinant will be quarterback Mac Jones, who is expected to make substantial progress under the guidance of new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. New acquisitions JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mike Gesicki are promising additions, but their integration and chemistry with Jones will be vital for the team’s offensive success.

Defensively, the Patriots will need to reclaim their traditionally strong stance. First-round pick Christian Gonzalez is an exciting prospect and his assimilation into the Patriots’ secondary is one subplot to watch. The overall defense, however, must demonstrate an improvement from last year’s inconsistencies to consistently curb opposing offenses.

Their schedule is a mix of daunting challenges and ripe opportunities. Games against NFL powerhouses like the Chiefs and Eagles and key divisional matchups are potential proving grounds for the Patriots. Successful performances against these teams could serve as the catalyst for their season, reaffirming the Patriots’ competitive edge in the NFL landscape.

Strength of Schedule

The Patriots will face a daunting task in the 2023 season, with one of the toughest schedules in the NFL. Games against formidable opponents like the Chiefs, Raiders, Colts, Jets, and Eagles will put the team to the test. Given the competitive nature of the AFC East, every game will carry significant weight, especially with rivals like the Jets enhancing their roster with high-profile acquisitions.

Key Matchups

Patriots vs. Eagles (Week 1)

The Patriots kick off their 2023 campaign at home against the Eagles, marking a thrilling start to the season. This game holds special significance as it will feature a celebration honoring the legendary Tom Brady. While the Patriots’ offense may not be as potent as in past years, they are known for their disciplined execution and strategic game plans. Facing a team that recently participated in the Super Bowl, the Patriots will need to control the game tempo and utilize home-field advantage.

Patriots vs. Raiders (Week 6)

In Week 6, the Patriots will travel to Las Vegas for a rematch against the Raiders. This game serves as an opportunity for redemption after a heartbreaking loss last season. With a former Patriots’ quarterback leading the Raiders and the potential of Tom Brady as a limited partner of the Raiders, this game will be loaded with intriguing narratives. The Patriots will need to display resilience and tactical superiority to secure a win.

Patriots vs. Chiefs (Week 15)

In Week 15, the Patriots will face off against the Chiefs in a critical “Monday Night Football” matchup. The Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes at the helm, have been consistently formidable opponents. This game could see the Patriots oscillate between playoff contention or elimination, particularly if the AFC East division lead is out of reach. The Patriots will need to leverage their extended rest period to prepare for this showdown effectively.

Patriots vs. Jets (Week 3)

In Week 3, the Patriots go on the road to face their division rivals, the New York Jets. With Aaron Rodgers leading the Jets’ offense, this game has the potential to alter the power dynamics in the AFC East. Over the years, the Patriots have maintained a strong track record against Rodgers, but this game will test their defensive prowess and strategic adaptability.

Patriots vs. Colts (Week 10, in Germany)

In a unique event, the Patriots will travel to Germany for a Week 10 clash against the Colts. This matchup will be played at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt as part of the NFL’s international series. The Patriots will aim to extend their undefeated streak in international series games and head into the bye week on a high note.

Patriots vs. Dolphins (Week 4)

Closing the first month of the season, the Patriots will face their divisional rivals, the Miami Dolphins, in Week 4. Over the past years, the Dolphins have proven to be a challenging opponent for the Patriots, with numerous matchups being closely contested. This game will be an essential test of the Patriots’ capacity to compete within their division, and a victory here would provide a significant early-season boost.

Predicted Season Outcome

Predicting the outcome of the 2023 season for the Patriots is a challenging task, given the significant changes in the offseason. However, the key to the Patriots’ success will depend largely on their ability to effectively integrate their new acquisitions, particularly on the offensive side. With a relatively tough schedule and several high-stake matchups, the Patriots will have to demonstrate a consistent level of performance throughout the season. It is plausible that they might reach the playoffs as a wild card candidate, although it could require upsetting the likes of the Chiefs or outperforming against teams with recent Super Bowl appearances like the Eagles.


The 2023 season marks a critical juncture for the New England Patriots. Significant offseason changes, including new players and a new offensive coordinator, coupled with a tough schedule, pose considerable challenges. Yet, these are also opportunities to reset the team’s trajectory. Every game in the coming season carries weight and has the potential to shift the narrative about the Patriots in their post-Brady era. As the season unfolds, it will be fascinating to watch how the new-look Patriots perform under pressure and against top-tier opponents.

2022 New England Patriots Schedule

DateOpponentPlace (Stadium + City)TimeScore
Sunday Sep. 11Miami DolphinsHard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL1:00pm ETL 20-7
Sunday Sep. 18at Pittsburgh SteelersAcrisure Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA1:00pm ETW 17-14
Sunday Sep. 25Baltimore RavensGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA1:00pm ETL 37-26
Sunday Oct. 2at Green Bay PackersLambeau Field, Green Bay, WI4:25pm ETL 27-24(OT)
Sunday Oct. 9Detroit LionsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA1:00pm ETW 29-0
Sunday Oct. 16at Cleveland BrownsFirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, OH1:00pm ETW 38-15
Monday Oct. 24Chicago BearsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA8:15pm ETL 33-14
Sunday Oct. 30at New York JetsMetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ1:00pm ETW 22-17
Sunday Nov. 6Indianapolis ColtsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA1:00pm ETW 26-3
Sunday Nov. 13BYE
Sunday Nov. 20New York JetsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA1:00pm ETW 10-3
Thursday Nov. 24at Minnesota VikingsU.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN8:20pm ETL 33-26
Thursday Dec. 1Buffalo BillsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA8:15pm ETL 24-10
Monday Dec. 12at Arizona CardinalsState Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ8:15pm ETW 27-13
Sunday Dec. 18at Las Vegas RaidersAllegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV4:05pm ETL 30-24
Saturday Dec. 24Cincinnati BengalsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA1:00pm ETL 22-18
Sunday Jan. 1Miami DolphinsGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA1:00pm ETW 23-21
Sunday Jan. 8at Buffalo BillsHighmark Stadium, Orchard Park, NY1:00pm ETL 35-23


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