Seattle Seahawks Schedule 2023

Entering the 2023 season, the Seattle Seahawks sit in an intriguing spot in the league hierarchy. The era of Russell Wilson saw the Seahawks being a staple in the playoffs and a recurring championship contender. But as we venture into the post-Wilson epoch, the team is no longer seen as a definitive powerhouse or an underdog, but rather a competent and competitive team existing somewhere in between.

Seattle Seahawks Schedule 2023

1Sep 10, 2023vs Los Angeles Rams4:25 pmFOXLumen Field
2Sep 17, 2023@ Detroit Lions1:00 pmFOXFord Field
3Sep 24, 2023vs Carolina Panthers4:05 pmLumen Field
4Oct 2, 2023@ New York Giants8:15 pmESPNMetLife Stadium
6Oct 15, 2023@ Cincinnati Bengals1:00 pmPaycor Stadium
7Oct 22, 2023vs Arizona Cardinals4:05 pmFOXLumen Field
8Oct 29, 2023vs Cleveland Browns4:05 pmFOXLumen Field
9Nov 5, 2023@ Baltimore Ravens1:00 pmM&T Bank Stadium
10Nov 12, 2023vs Washington Commanders4:25 pmFOXLumen Field
11Nov 19, 2023@ Los Angeles Rams4:25 pmSoFi Stadium
12Nov 23, 2023vs San Francisco 49ers8:20 pmNBCLumen Field
13Nov 30, 2023@ Dallas Cowboys8:15 pmAMZNAT&T Stadium
14Dec 10, 2023@ San Francisco 49ers4:05 pmFOXLevi’s Stadium
15Dec 17, 2023vs Philadelphia Eagles4:25 pmFOXLumen Field
16Dec 24, 2023@ Tennessee Titans1:00 pmNissan Stadium
17Dec 31, 2023vs Pittsburgh Steelers4:05 pmFOXLumen Field
18Jan 7, 2024@ Arizona CardinalsTBAState Farm Stadium

Offseason Developments

The 2023 season arrives with Seattle being awarded three prime-time games, one of which is a highly anticipated Thanksgiving clash with the 49ers. The last time the Seahawks played on Thanksgiving Day, they defeated the 49ers 19-3 in 2014. This year, however, they get to do so on their home turf.

The team has also shown a significant shift in their performance projections. Following a surprising nine-win season last year, the Seahawks have piqued the interest of many and are expected to present a challenging matchup to all their opponents in the coming season.

Noteworthy offseason maneuvers included signing Dre’Mont Jones and bringing back Bobby Wagner in free agency. They also had a strong showing in the 2023 NFL Draft, headlined by Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

Analysis of the Season

The Seahawks will need to utilize the early part of the season to build momentum and establish their offensive and defensive identities. Geno Smith, last season’s Comeback Player of the Year and Pro Bowl selection, will need to maintain the high-level performance he demonstrated in 2022 for Seattle to remain competitive.

Additionally, the defense, while not making major upgrades in the offseason, must maintain the level of discipline and execution that has characterized Seahawks teams in the past.

Strength of Schedule

Seattle has a challenging schedule, facing off against the entirety of the tough AFC North and encountering both the Eagles and the Cowboys on the road. However, matches against the Cardinals, Rams, Panthers, and Titans provide an opportunity for the Seahawks to showcase their progress and stake their claim in the competitive NFC.

Key Matchups

A pivotal series of games for Seattle comes in Weeks 12-15, where they encounter San Francisco, Dallas, and Philadelphia, arguably three of the best defenses in the conference. Here are some of the key Matchups for the season.

Seahawks vs. Rams (Week 1 & Week 11)

The Seahawks face their divisional foes, the Rams, in Weeks 1 and 11. The Rams, known for their solid defense and dynamic offense, have been a persistent thorn in the Seahawks’ side. These matchups are always high stakes and have substantial implications for the NFC West standings. The Seahawks will need to exhibit their best performance to gain an edge in these critical battles.

Seahawks vs. Steelers (Week 3)

The Week 3 encounter with the Steelers at CenturyLink Field promises to be a gripping contest. The Steelers, led by a stalwart defense and an offense that has shown resilience, can pose a significant challenge. The Seahawks will need to establish an early lead to keep the game within their control.

Seahawks vs. Ravens (Week 7)

The Seahawks’ battle against the Ravens in Week 7 will be a mid-season spectacle. The Ravens, with their explosive offense led by Lamar Jackson, will test the Seahawks’ defense. This game will be a measure of the Seahawks’ defensive prowess and their ability to contain the Ravens’ high-powered offense.

Seahawks vs. 49ers (Week 12)

The Thanksgiving Day matchup against the 49ers in Week 12 is undoubtedly the marquee game of the season for the Seahawks. This match is especially important as it will set the tone for the crucial final stretch of the regular season. The 49ers’ multifaceted offense and stout defense will demand the Seahawks’ best performance on both sides of the ball.

Seahawks vs. Eagles (Week 14)

In Week 14, the Seahawks face off against the Eagles. The Eagles, a team that has consistently shown resilience and features a balanced offense, will be a formidable opponent. The Seahawks will need to maintain their late-season momentum and showcase a comprehensive game to secure a win.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys (Week 15)

The Week 15 encounter with the Cowboys is of significant importance. The Cowboys, with their potent offense and an improved defense, have been a perennial threat. This matchup will test the Seahawks’ resolve and their ability to handle pressure in high-stakes games.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals (Week 8 & Week 18)

The Seahawks face their divisional rivals, the Cardinals, in Weeks 8 and 18. These matchups have crucial implications for the NFC West standings and potentially playoff berths. The Cardinals, known for their dynamic offense and aggressive defense, pose a significant challenge. These matchups will test the Seahawks’ ability to handle pressure in crucial games, especially the Week 18 encounter, which could be the deciding factor in their playoff destiny.

Predicted Season Outcome

Given their schedule and the expected level of competition, a projected record for the Seahawks in the 2023 season could be around 10-7. Their offense, especially with an improved offensive line and better pass-catching options, should carry them to numerous victories. The question mark resides in the defense, which could either step up or remain a concern.

In terms of divisional standing, the Seahawks could reasonably finish second in the NFC West, trailing the 49ers but edging out both Los Angeles and Arizona.


The 2023 season presents the Seattle Seahawks with an opportunity to prove their resilience in the post-Wilson era. With Geno Smith at the helm and a talented roster supporting him, the Seahawks could defy expectations and once again find themselves in the midst of the playoff chase. How they navigate the challenges presented by their schedule, especially the critical matchups against divisional rivals, will determine their final standing. Regardless of the outcome, the journey promises to be captivating for both the players and the fans.


When is the first game of the Seattle Seahawks in the 2023 season?

The first game of the Seattle Seahawks is on September 10, 2023, against the Los Angeles Rams at Lumen Field.

Who are the Seahawks playing in week 2 of the 2023 season?

In week 2, the Seattle Seahawks will play the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 17, 2023.

When is the Seahawks’ bye week for the 2023 season?

The bye week for the Seattle Seahawks falls on Week 5 in the 2023 season.

Which teams are the Seahawks playing at home in 2023?

In 2023, the Seahawks will be playing the following teams at home: Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Washington Commanders, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who do the Seahawks play in week 10?

In week 10, the Seattle Seahawks will play the Washington Commanders at Lumen Field on November 12, 2023.

When is the last game of the Seahawks’ regular 2023 season?

The last game of the Seattle Seahawks’ regular season is on January 7, 2024, against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium.

On which channels can I watch the Seahawks’ games?

The Seahawks’ games will be broadcast on several networks including FOX, ESPN, NBC, and AMZN. Check the schedule to find out which network is broadcasting each game.

Where can I buy tickets for the Seahawks’ games?

You can buy tickets for the Seahawks’ games from the official Seattle Seahawks website or other trusted ticket vendors.

Who are the Seahawks playing against in the last home game of the 2023 season?

The last home game of the Seattle Seahawks for the 2023 season is against the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 31, 2023.

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